At Matrix Physiotherapy, we believe that every patient and every problem deserves to be treated individually with One-on-One attention each and every visit. Our ultimate goal is to treat your pain or dysfunction from the root cause rather than just symptomatic relief. Our experienced physiotherapists will carefully listen to and assess your problem to determine the root cause. Your treatment protocol will be determined based on the latest Evidence-Based-Practice. You will be continuously monitored and reassessed every visit, and your treatment plan will change as you progress through the various stages of recovery. We want to get you better quickly so that you can return to your normal daily routine and to the activities you enjoy.

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession focused on the remediation of impairments and dysfunction and the promotion of functional mobility, health & fitness and quality of life. Physiotherapists practice the service of physiotherapy to help patients achieve their recovery goals or their activity-specific physical requirements. Physiotherapists are experts in assessing and treating disorders related to muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves.

For Physiotherapy under OHIP, Effective August 22, 2013, the government implemented a comprehensive program for community and primary care physiotherapy. Non-hospital physiotherapy was removed from the Health Insurance Act as an insured service and established under budget-based programs. Only those 65 or older, 19 or younger, recipient of Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program can access limited Publicly-Funded Physiotherapy Clinics for physiotherapy services. Matrix Physiotherapy is currently not a Publicly-Funded Clinic.

Rehab Products and services are covered under paramedical services on most work Extended Health Care insurance policies. Your treatment or recommended support equipment is likely covered. Most insurance companies now allow for ONLINE bill submission which we can do for you to make the reimbursement process easy and faster. Please call your insurance company for your policy details in regards to coverage.

If your impairment or injury is work-related or sustained as a result of a motor vehicle accident (Including accidents on a bicycle or as a pedestrian), you are eligible for physiotherapy treatment funding through WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) or through your auto Insurance Company. You must contact the appropriate insurer to file an injury claim in order to be approved for funding.

Since 1999, legislation has been placed across Canada eliminating the need for a doctor’s referral and therefore allowing patient’s direct access to Physiotherapy. However, many private insurers still require patients to obtain a doctor’s referral for payment reimbursement purposes. Some employers have eliminated the physician’s referral requirement from their employee’s insurance benefits plan making early access to physiotherapy easier and faster. Please contact your insurer for your policy details.

Your first visit will involve a detailed sit-down conversation with the physiotherapist regarding your pain and/or impairment so that a full history and clear understanding of the patient can be taken. The physiotherapist will carry out an extensive physical assessment of your movements, joint mobility, flexibility, strength, balance and muscle tone. Through years of experience, the Physiotherapists at Matrix Physiotherapy will determine the root cause of your dysfunction and discuss their detailed findings with you so that you have a full understanding of your condition, and how to be on the road to recovery. Treatment will commence on your first visit after the assessment so that you can immediately benefit from your physiotherapy visit.

Treatment session frequency will be recommended after your initial assessment with the physiotherapists based on the type of injury/condition, and your stage of recovery. The visits are generally more frequent initially and reduced as the patient recovers to perform more independent self-directed exercises.

Low back pain is the most common musculoskeletal disorder reported in our society usually affecting the working population between the ages of 25-64. Many pain episodes will resolve with a period of rest and time. However 20-44% of people will experience a recurrence of pain within the year and 75% will have a recurrence at some point in their lives. At Matrix Physiotherapy, we will work with you to understand the nature and cause(s) of your back pain. The physiotherapists will employ an array of treatment techniques to reduce your acute pain symptoms to help you manage your daily activities. Perhaps more importantly, we will explore the root causes of your back pain and discuss the necessary modifications and/or various exercises you can do to minimize the chance of reoccurrence.

Our friendly administrative staff will be happy to answer any questions or help you book an appointment.