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You may not know you have Heart disease.

I am a healthy 47 year old Physiotherapist who has been involved in Sports & Athletics most of my life.  In addition to my above average muscular build from decades of weight training,  I am also blessed with good genetics so I have never worried about my weight  one day of my life. I may […]

Crawling in Babies

CRAWLING IN BABIES : IMPORTANT OR NOT?               “My doctor mentioned crawling isn’t important” “He is too lazy to crawl. He just loves to stand!  I think he is excited to walk!”                 “My so so so relative’s grandchild never crawled and […]

Rise of Torticollis

One of the reasons which drives me to write on a topic is when I there is sudden surge of a particular condition of patients. That’s exactly what’s happening these days; I am seeing a lot of patients with Rise of Torticollis. What is Torticollis? Torticollis is a condition involving the muscles which cause twisting […]

In Toe Walking

Now that it’s summer, I see a lot more kids and adolescents playing outdoors. I was amazed at the number of children I have seen walking with toes pointed in! Let’s understand more in details of what it is and how it affects children as they grow. Firstly, what is a normal hip joint? The […]

Swaddling your Infant

Every new mother would have received advice from elders in the family, “Wrap the child tight, it will sleep well, grow stronger”. A lot has changed since the ancient times where new mothers would be taught how to wrap her child only by her mother! In the modern age, you have prenatal classes, Nurses teaching […]

Tummy Time

For long time I’ve been driving down the importance of Tummy Time to countless parents who have come to the clinic seeking help for conditions like gross motor delay(missed/late crawling, sitting, standing), torticollis (neck tilt) and light and shabby handwriting. This past March, I saw a child 8 months of age brought to clinic with […]

Part 1: Brief History of Canada’s Food Guide (Toronto Dietitian)

* Health Canada has provided a useful history of the food guides from 1942-1992 as well as the revisions made to the current 2007 guide, which I have briefly summarized here. If you are interested, I recommend reading the full articles, as they are very informative. Canada’s Food Guide has always recognized the role nutrition […]

Canada’s Food Guide (Toronto Nutrition Counselling)

Let’s Talk about Canada’s Food Guide       Welcome to my three part series on Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. There has been debate questioning whether Canada’s Food Guide is out of date and out of touch with what Canadians eat, and the environment to which we live. Yet, Canada’s Food Guide remains […]

How to treat a Frozen Shoulder diagnosis? ( MATRIX Toronto Physiotherapy)

As a physiotherapist in practice in Toronto for over 12 years now at MATRIX Toronto Physiotherapy, I have seen patients suffer from all types of painful injuries and conditions. Many of these conditions are most painful in the early stages of occurrence (Acute Phase), and the pain associated with it diminishes over time through the […]