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Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto is a premier physiotherapy rehabilitation clinic. Located conveniently in the heart of the financial district directly across from the now Famous TORONTO sign.  We pride ourselves on providing the most advanced treatments and therapies while retaining a comfortable and caring environment and a patient-centered approach.

Whether you have been injured playing sports, as the result of an accident or on the job through repetitive stress, or whether you’ve been diagnosed with a degenerative condition that causes you pain & dysfunction, our expert Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist will guide you on your road to full recovery at our clinic.

Located in the Thomson Building which is connected to Toronto ‘s underground PATH system.  You can conveniently & comfortably attend your appointments from your downtown workplace any time of year.

Clinic News


We have implemented every recommended Health & Safety protocol needed to ensure a safe environment for our staff members and the community. 


Shivangi Trivedi specializes in Pediatric Physiotherapy.  Shivangi has extensive experience treating work related, acute and chronic sports injuries; neurological disorders ranging from concussion, stroke in pediatrics and adults; pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions, post-natal fitness and diastasis recti. She is one of only 9 Certified Mulligan practitioners in Canada and is a Certified Neuro-developmental Therapist (C/NDT, United States) with advanced certification in infants.


Dr. Andriana Setnik has opened up her own Naturopathic practice so she will no longer be seeing patients out of Matrix Physiotherapy Health Centre.  She is passionate about helping others by restoring and supporting the healing power of nature and treating the root cause of disease.  Her expertise are in Nutrition & Lifestyle counselling, Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.   She would be happy to connect with you by Video-Consultation and is accepting new patients at her new practice.  We would be happy to connect you with her.

Physiohtherapy Toronto

At Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto, we help our patients streamline the insurance claim reimbursement process by completing ONLINE claims submissions on your behalf for most insurance companies.  You will typically receive your reimbursement within 3-5 business days depending on your insurance company.  You will no longer need to fill out Insurance Claim Forms, fiddle with invoices and worry about mailing out claims submissions Toronto.

Why you should choose one of our physiotherapists?

Matrix Physiotherapy offers a comfortable patient environment with dedicated and caring health professionals whose top priority is to help you get back to your optimal health. Elite quality treatment and our patient-focused care is the foundation of our physiotherapy approach. While other clinics may offer help in treating symptoms, our trained team of professionals work to treat the source of the problem.

The earlier your treatment begins, the more quickly you will be on your way to recovery.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy TorontoPhysiotherapy is a recognized healthcare profession that uses non-surgical techniques aimed at treating and preventing a wide assortment of injury and disease. When you visit our clinic, an assessment will be performed to determine the root cause and extent of your injury or disorder. A licensed physiotherapist will then work with you to develop a treatment plan which may include techniques such as massage therapy, exercise prescriptions, acupuncture and/or braces.

We will also provide valuable coaching which may help to prevent further injury. This includes advice on posture and proper exercise techniques as well as nutritional counselling.

What can physiotherapy treat?

Anyone can find themselves in need of physiotherapy including athletes, professionals and homemakers. Our physiotherapists offer treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions including:

Back and neck pain Carpal tunnel syndrome
Sciatica Osteoarthritis
Degenerative disc disease ACL injures
Knee injuries Plantar fasciitis
Sports injuries Pinched nerves
Headaches Fractures
Shoulder pain Whiplash
Sprains and strains Pre and post natal conditions
Tendonitis And many more
Tennis elbow

Multiple services for a patient-centered approach

Too often, we have heard stories from patients who have tried physiotherapy at other clinics only to get little or no results. We understand that such an experience can be extremely frustrating. You should not have to live with pain any longer than necessary. That is why we offer such a wide range of treatment options – so we can customize a rehabilitation plan that works for you.

From the time that you become our patient, your well-being will be of the utmost importance. Services and products we offer include:

Physiotherapy Rheumatology
Pediatric / Kids Physiotherapy Custom Orthotics / Compression Stockings
Massage Therapy Custom Knee Bracing
Personal Training Splints and Braces
Chiropractics Naturopathic Medicine

Insurance and Billing

If you have extended health coverage through your employer, it likely covers physiotherapy services. At Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto , we will work with your insurer to make the billing process as convenient as possible including ONLINE claim-reimbursement submissions on your behalf with most insurance companies.

Physiotherapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions and ailments from sports injuries to chronic pain. The holistic approach uses a variety methods including manual therapy, prescriptive exercises, acupuncture and orthotics. Every patient and every injury is unique, so we’ll customize each and every patient’s recovery plan to allow them to get the maximum benefits.

Matrix physiotherapists in Toronto are licensed and registered healthcare professionals and treatment is often covered under your work’s extended health benefits plan.

Among the conditions that physical therapy can help treat are:

Back and neck pain Muscle Strains
Sports injuries Tendonitis
Locked joints Plantar Fasciitis
Fibromyalgia Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Fractures Repetitive Strain Injuries
Degenerative disc disease Whiplash
Osteoarthritis And many others

Services and Products we offer

The caring professional healthcare providers that are part of the Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto team understand that the needs of each patient are different. That is why it is important to us that we offer a broad range of services which can be customized into specific plans for our patients.  These include:

Physiotherapy Custom Orthotics
Massage Therapy Custom Knee Bracing
Personal Training Splints and Braces
Nutritional Counselling Compression Stockings

Our Staff

Every member of the Toronto Matrix staff is trained and licenced in the service that we provide be it physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy or nutritional counselling. Each specialist is an expert in their field. We work seamlessly together as a team in order to develop and execute a recovery regiment for each patient. Your recovery is our number one priority.

We go beyond the clinical aspects of physiotherapy and create a truly caring and comfortable environment for our patients.

Why choose Matrix Physiotherapy?

Life in Toronto can be busy and hectic. You may not feel like you have the time to let an injury or painful condition slow you down. But it is important to your health to take the time to have this type of condition looked after.   And with the professional and quality care that you’ll receive from the Matrix physiotherapy Toronto team, you’ll be in good hands. We are conveniently located downtown Toronto in the heart of Toronto ‘s Financial District.

Using some of the best and most effective techniques in the industry, we will customize a treatment plan that is right for you. Refuse to continue living with pain – call us today to Schedule an Appointment..


Our Physiotherapist will take time to get to know you as a person, and not just your pain or area of injury. We want to understand your activities of daily living, your lifestyle in this busy city of Toronto, your understanding of physiotherapy and all the other factors which may be contributing to your pain and limitation.  The physiotherapist will carry out a comprehensive history of what brought you into physiotherapy, and carry out a detailed physical examination to confirm the source of your pain and dysfunction and to rule out all other issues.  We want all of our patients at Matrix Physiotherapy to feel like they have a full understanding of their problem after their Initial Consultation with their Physiotherapist.  The therapist will clearly discuss your short-term and long-term recovery plan with you so that you leave feeling confident about what you can and cannot do, how you can be actively involved with your own rehabilitation, and your recovery time frame.   Your Physiotherapist will work with you every step of the way as you progress to full function, full capabilities to return to work and/or full ability to Return to Sports.

Common causes of various pains/complaints

Neck Pain Postural Dysfunction, Office Ergonomics Problems
Back pain Poor lower back support in sitting, Weak Core muscles, High Risk Weight training exercises
Knee Pain Abnormal Patella (Knee-cap) movement, Tight IT band, Osteoarthritis
Hip Pain Tight hip/buttocks muscles, Locked hip or SI-joint
Shoulder Pain Improper keyboard height/position, Rotator cuff tendinitis
Wrist pain Poor keyboard or Mouse position, unstable/dislocated wrist bones
Elbow Pain Repetitive typing/mouse use, Improper weight training techniques

Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) will discuss your reason(s) for accessing Massage Therapy and area(s) you would like the RMT to work on during your visit.  You will be treated in a quiet private treatment room with varying lighting to your comfort and relaxation.  Your massage therapist will determine your muscle tone, your sensitivity to touch/pressure and your body’s response to massage. This will give the therapist a baseline as he/she carries out your massage session with your verbal feedback as well to maximize your benefit to massage therapy.

Common reasons for accessing Massage Therapy

Tension Headaches Post-operative scar tissue release
Neck & Back muscle tension Lower back pain during pregnancy
Sports injuries Weight Training muscle tension
Post Distance Running tension/aches Lower leg swelling from prolonged standing
Stress Management Foot & Calf pain from prolonged walking

Nutrition Counselling

At your initial consultation with our Dietitian, you will discuss your personal nutrition goals and/or those of your physician. An assessment will be completed reviewing information such as your medical and family history, eating habits, weight and height. Together with the dietitian, you will set goals, discuss strategies for success and a Nutrition Care plan will be tailored to your individual needs. The key is to create a plan that is sustainable and fits within your lifestyle.

Common reasons for accessing Dietetic Services

Manage chronic conditions through diet Manage dietary restrictions such as allergies and intolerances
Achieve and maintain a healthy weight Potential dietary changes during Pregnancy
Improve understanding of Healthy eating habits Transitioning to a balanced vegetarian or vegan diets
Distinguishing between “Good” & “Bad” Fats Diagnosis of High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol
Plan healthy and balanced meals and snacks Management plan for Diabetes

We will surpass your Expectations!

Our friendly front desk staff will assist you with you appointments, your insurance submissions and answer any other questions you may have about your Initial consultation session with us at Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto.  We will make your Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy or Nutrition Counseling visit a satisfying experience and we will help you with all necessary administrative processes with your workplace, your doctor or your insurance company.  Book An Appointment with us today.

There are many different disciplines of health professionals available to the people of Toronto ,  and it can be hard to decipher who is the most appropriate person to consult for you injuries or aches and pain. There are numerous choices in a metropolitan city like Toronto Physiotherapist, Chiropractors, Athletic Therapist, Sports Medicine Doctors, Massage Therapist and many more.  All of these disciplines undergo a fair degree of schooling, training and have expertise about how the body functions & to recognize dysfunction. However, the type of training, the philosophy to what causes dysfunction, the approach to assessing injuries and impairments and how your course of treatment is carried out through your recovery process can be very different.

Some people will go back to the practitioner that was able to help them with a previous problem, while others will typically go to their family physician for a referral based on their doctor’s professional opinion.  While this logic may seem sound, a chiropractor who was able to help you with your neck pain previously may not be the best health professional to treat your current Shoulder Injury or Knee pain from running.  And just as the general public may be confused about choosing the most appropriate health discipline to see, many doctors do not have an in-depth knowledge about the role of Physiotherapy, Chiropractics and the increasing number of health professionals they could refer their patients to.  Would it be beneficial for a Physician to give a prescription for an Anti-Inflammatory as well as a referral for Physiotherapy simultaneously to best help their patient’s overall recovery & injury prevention?  ABSOLUTELY, however a patient may suffer for weeks even with medication only to be referred for additional treatment such as Physiotherapy when medication alone was not enough.

At Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto , our utmost expertise is in Physiotherapy and we work closely with Registered Massage Therapists.  We firmly believe that it is not about choosing the right Health Profession, but the right Health Professional.  Our Registered Physiotherapists will listen to you, understand you and help you understand the root cause of your pain and dysfunction.  The right professional is the one who can explain your problem to you in a reasonable, medically sound, and believable manner.  Simply telling a patient that they are out of alignment or requiring regular spinal adjustments despite the problem being a shoulder injury from weight training is not reasonable, medically sound, and not likely a believable course of treatment.

Our Physiotherapist at Matrix Physiotherapy will always communicate with your referring doctor or family physician when needed to give them an indication of your problem from our expert physiotherapy perspective, and suggest additional tests or treatments deemed beneficial.  All patients are treated only to the extent that is necessary, and we actively involve our patients in their own recovery.  Choose Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto , our physiotherapist are unlike many others.  Experience Physiotherapy for your first time the way it should be, or Come and See how we are different.   We are here to serve you Toronto. Book An Appointment with us today.

10) You DO NOT need a doctor’s referral to attend Physiotherapy in Canada.  In 1999, Physiotherapy had been granted direct access by the federal government eliminating the need for a physician’s referral.  However many employee benefits plans still request for such a referral for Insurance Claim reimbursement purposes.  This will vary depending on your employer and benefit plan.

9) Physiotherapist are Highly educated & trained Registered Health Professionals with a governing College monitoring their standard of practice, just as Doctors in Toronto and across Canada are governed by the College of Physicians.

8) Physiotherapy should not be focusing on pain management.  Your physiotherapy treatment regime should be geared towards restoration of movement, strength, balance, function and your life activities.  If your treatment sessions consist of all or mostly therapeutic modalities (rehab machines), you are wasting your time and money.

7) You should ALWAYS have home-based exercises to perform in your recovery process.  Physiotherapy or other wise known as Physical Therapy, is an active process requiring the active physical involvement of the patient.  Your injury or dysfunction recovery process in physiotherapy is only effective or more effective if you are actively involved, which is the most difficult part for most patients to comply to.

6) Physiotherapist do not just massage your sore muscles and joints.  Massage therapist specialize in soft tissue (muscles, fascia, scar tissue, ligaments and tendons) manipulation.  Physiotherapy treatments involve getting the patient back to full health and function from returning to Activities of Daily Living to reengaging in High level Sports.

5) Physiotherapists treat more than just aches/pains from physical impairments of muscles and bones.  Physiotherapists have a detailed understanding of the nervous system treating such conditions as neck and back nerve impingement syndromes, neurological conditions such as Strokes & Brain Injuries along with degenerative conditions involving the spine and nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis or Degenerative Disc Disorders.

4) Physiotherapy is currently ONLY covered by OHIP for those under specific criterias. a) 19 or younger b) 65 or older c) Discharged by hospital after an overnight stay where physiotherapy is needed and d) People under Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support program.  OHIP covered or Publicly-Funded Physiotherapy must be accessed through specific Publicly-Funded facilities.  There are various eligible sites in Toronto you could access if you meet one or more of the above criteria.  Follow this link (Publicly Funded Physiotherapy Clinics) to find a facility near you.

3) If you are given a Referral for Physiotherapy, you can attend therapy at ANY CLINIC of YOUR CHOICE with the referral.  Many people working Downtown Toronto commute into the city from surrounding GTA (Greater Toronto Area) communities and their family physicians are located in their local communities.  The referral is simply for Insurance submission purposes or when requested by the insurer.  We at Matrix Physiotherapy will do your ONLINE Reimbursement Claim Submission at each visit on your behalf no matter what facility your Physiotherapy referral form is for.

2) Physiotherapy treatment sessions do not have to hurt, but it can involve some degree of pain depending on the condition and the stage of recovery you are at with your injury or impairment.  Your physiotherapists will work with you within your pain tolerance and he/she should educate you on the reason(s) for your pain, and why it may be necessary to reach full recovery.  NO PAIN NO GAIN does not always hold true, but it can apply at times.

1) The NUMBER ONE most concerning misnomer I have heard from people and even some medical doctors about Physiotherapy is, “Physiotherapy does not work or Physiotherapy is not necessary”.  The efficacy of Physiotherapy is truly not a process to be disputed or renounced as “alternative medicine”.  Without noting all the clinical research supporting the benefits of rehabilitation post injury or for specific conditions, it is really just common sense.  When you have on-going aches & pains, there is likely a trigger or a cause.  If you do not figure out the cause with someone who understands the human body and its mechanics, you will likely never resolve the problem and have to live with the pain.  On the side of injuries, lets look at the recovery process of a professional athlete.  When an athletic gets injured and is unable to perform his/her job, their sport, they do not sit at home waiting for the pain to settle hoping to get back to play when they get better some point.  They have trainers, doctors and Physiotherapist working with them helping them get back full strength, stamina and form to return to what they love doing and how they make a living.   The average person does not need to train and rehabilitate to the Tip-top shape that a professional athlete would.  Physiotherapy is simple a process to help you regain normal joint range of motion, strength, stamina, balance and control so that you can resume doing the activities you love without pain, recurrence or limitations.  Contact us to Book your Appointment today, and stop living with pain and hesitation.  Get Back to Life with Matrix Physiotherapy Toronto!

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Personal Training with a Registered Physiotherapist who is passionate about Exercise Training to help you reach your Health & Fitness goals.  Covered under your Health Benefits Plans under Physiotherapy.

In-Person Training: Customized Exercise Program performed in our beautiful Exercise Studio One-On-One with our Physiotherapist.  Contact us Today to BOOK your Fitness Consultation!

Video-Based Training: Customize Exercise Program performed with our Physiotherapist & Trainer through LIVE-VIDEO utilizing your home equipment, household items and our Physiotherapist’s abilty to utilize body weight and various positions to help you reach your golas. BOOK your Video-Fitness Consultation!

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